Thursday, 2 January 2014

Sales Haul

January sales are upon us. Are you finding a spare day in this Christmas holiday to go out and take full advantage? Or maybe like me, browsing Topshop’s website on Christmas Eve as soon as you get a notification of their sale?
Sales have this quality that takes over and makes you go crazy for something that before it was £10 cheaper you resisted from buying, making the Miss Sensible in you crazy. Sales really aren’t the easiest thing to resist are they?
Stupidly tempting myself, I have been within walking distance of a Topshop at least 5 times in the past week and have also been further tempted by the online sales. So this year, the Miss Sensible in me has not been screwed on. Although I have bagged some cute basics and statement items at reduced price!

On Christmas morning facing that I hadn’t received any loafers (I didn’t ask for them but you never know, my mum may be more psychic than I thought) I had a good browse of the Urban Outfitters sale. You can always bag a bargain in their sales. I found myself some Deena & Ozzy loafers. They are a perfect combination of patent and matte and surprisingly really comfy!

£48 reduced to £30

Zara is one of the high street stores where a sale is rare and everything sells out within hours, but I managed to bag myself this grey, autumnal, woolen skirt. It has a lace underlining at the bottam that gives it a more feminine touch and also subtly fits with the underwear as outerwear trend that has been popular these past few seasons. Although, I have to admit, it isn’t the most comfortable skirt I’ve ever worn in my life, plus it also came up shorter than I had expected so I’m a little weary on wearing it (never a good thing when it’s from a sale) but I think it’s still such a cute skirt regardless. 


The rest of my sale picks are Topshop. Sorry for the lack of versatility.
This doesn’t particularly count as January sales but as you may know Topshop had been having nonstop sales throughout December so when I failed my driving test I turned to retail therapy and purchased this cute boucle style biker jacket that I have lived in ever since. It is extremely versatile and so warm and comfy, although I hate putting my hands in the pockets, I’m forever scratching my hands on the zips.

£60 reduced to £45

Two of the items I have purchased, much to my delight, were both pink. I have loved this colour to bits this season, although I doubt I’m the only one. I always think that basics are always a good purchase in the sale so I thought I couldn’t leave either this oversized T-shirt, or jumper on the rail. They’re both so perfect for those slob days or as necessary this year, the whole Christmas holidays (my stomach was not putting in any effort to hide after the number of roast dinners I’ve had).

The t-shirt is so comfortable and with the subtle floral pattern and bubblegum pink colour it isn't too basic and boring so I'm sure can easily be styled in versatile ways; with a glossy lip, black jeans, some strappy heels and maybe a statement necklace it would be totally acceptable for a simple outfit for going out. 

£22 reduced to £12 

At first I really regretted choosing this jumper in the coral pink colour rather than the forever versatile grey, but the more I wear it the more inclined I'm becoming to accept that maybe it isn't always better to go for the safe simple choice. 

£46 reduced to £25

Finally these houndstooth brogues from Topshop have become my definition of perfect! When I first saw them I decided against them although I regretted not getting them ever since so when I then saw them again, leaving them just was not even a choice (sensible thinking didn't last long). You must agree, they’re so perfect for a statement piece to add to a black outfit when you’re feeling lazy or to add a pop of pattern.