Sunday, 25 May 2014


Its slightly matchy matchy, but matchy matchy is my thing. I find it inspiring when you walk past a woman on the street that isn't afraid to clash a little, or a lot. But unlike women e.g. Susie Bubble (stylebubble) I'm not that uber-cool and creative.

Despite my mums comment "Hmm, that looks like a hairdressing cape" this mid-length kimono is growing on me. It'll be perfect for the beach on holiday this summer and paired with black denim cut offs will also be a festival outfit I'll be packing. 

Jeans + Boots (Topshop) 
Lipstick (MAC - Ruby Woo)
Kimono (H&M)

I tried my best to find a song that had some relation to the outfit one way or another but I was unsuccessful, so in replacement here's a song I'm loving this week Miles Kane – Rearrange .


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Black And White Town

Due to the monochrome trend this season and my personal admiration for the colour combination it seems that this trend is the one reigning my spring/summer wardrobe this year. 
I picked up this playsuit today bikini shopping - by far the worst form of shopping, changing room mirrors are not the most forgiving, wouldn't you agree? 
Similarly to many products at the moment it is made from that thick, elasticated, lycra type of material making it incredibly comfortable, although it was the pattern that drew me in more than anything. 
And the shoes. The shoes. I loved them since the moment I saw them and finally gave in to temptation and decided it was completely necessary I have them. They are very versatile after all, and the fact Zara only seem to stock their products for roughly six weeks enticed me even more. I didn't want them to become the shoes that got away. 
These heels have also become my alternative to the strappy sandal, a wardrobe staple (those A line midi skirts don't look the part without them) that I will never buy into - I'm not someone that likes shoes that reveal my toes. 

Shoes (Zara) Playsuit (Topshop)

In fitting with the black and white outfit and title of this post here's a song; 
Black And White Town - Doves  Doves – Black and White Town