Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Midi Heights

Jumper (Zara) Skirt + Shoes (Topshop)

I've taken the opportunity of half term to finally blog an outfit of the day! Yay. During term time getting ready in time to actually have spare time to do one is near impossible. 
I got this midi skirt for my birthday at the beginning of October. How has it taken me the whole month to pluck up the courage and find a good day to wear it? Despite how long it has taken me to wear it, I absolutely loved it. 
There's something about A-line Midi skirts and a boat neck jumper that make me feel oh so 'Hepburn'. 
The thing that makes this midi skirt all the bit better is that, in my opinion it's far more wearable than majority of the midi skirts on the high street. Although I think without the slightly sheer, patterned fabric layered over a mini underskirt I (a slightly short 18 year old) would feel a little overdressed. 


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