Monday, 11 August 2014

Young Chasers (Book Review)

This rainy weather has ruined all my plans for style posts, god knows what I'm going to do come Autumn. Therefore, in replacement I have changed it up a little. So here is my attempt at a book review. 

Author: Sophia Amoruso
For those of you who have your eyes and ears open for all the talk in fashion, you may know that this book is becoming a popular one. Sophia Amoruso, the founder of NastyGal an online fashion, accessories and shoe retailer, taking from her book is a quirky one. Do you read The Man Repeller? If so, Amoruso's writing reminds me a little of Leandra's. 
This book is an autobiography of Sophia Amoruso's rise to become founder and CEO of Nasty Gal. Starting with her childhood, Amoruso talks about her failure at school, her rebounding from one job to another, stealing, hitchiking and finally, how Nasty Gal, in only 8 years has risen from one woman to 350 employees and 550,000 customers over 60 countries (that's some crazy ass success for a woman that dropped out of school to work in Subway).
#GIRLBOSS is incredibly inspiring through both the content and the cute chapter pages that contain a quote and illustration. Plus, unlike many books I discover, it makes you giggle at times too. 

The Devil Wears Prada
Author: Lauren Weisberger
Okay, so this may be the one and only book I've read that I haven't said the typical 'Oh but the book is so much better than the film'. This may not seem the most enticing comment in relation to the book but I'm sorry, the film is so amazing with all it's drama, glamour and fashion that nothing can meet it. The book, unfortunately doesn't follow the same narrative or characters as the film but at least then you don't already know the ending, they'd be no fun in it then. 
I wouldn't necessarily say this is the most brilliant book I have read but despite this, I still really enjoyed it. Although I think that may be because it is related to the fashion industry, so right down my street, and also because, I love the film so much.  

Author: Louise Mensch
Politician turned author, I think Mensch has created a great book. Beauty. A book that appealed to me mostly through the title turned out to be a book that I didn't want to put down. 
Beauty is based around the character Dina Kane, a woman that as a child was neglected from her mother and grew to be incredibly intelligent and beautiful. Dina's character is interesting, Mensch delivers her to be a natural beauty that is lonely, confident, intelligent and a serious work a holic that despite her neglected upbringing became uber successful, but it isn't just a plain old story of a small town girl that found success. There is plenty of drama. 

The Rosie Project
Author: Graeme Simsion
I picked up this book mostly because every book shop I went in, it was there. A silly reason to pick up a book I know but it turned out to be reasonably okay. If you like romance novels but have grown out of the Nicholas Sparks novels you read when you were 15, this romance novel has a nice scientific twist. A first person account of a man named Don Tilman, a geneticist who decides, at 39 years old should try and find the perfect partner, therefore creates The Wife Project - a questionnaire based on Don's ideal woman, created for potential partners to fill in (his character is certainly a picky one). He discovers one woman from this experiment. Another woman, Rosie, who Don concludes would fail mostly every part of The Wife Project comes along, and together, they join forces to track down Rosie's unknown father. 

The Great Gatsby
Author: F.Scott.Fitzgerald
This one is an absolute classic. The recent Baz Luhrmann film adaptation did it wonders too. 
It's a short book, so for those of you that struggle with reading 400 page romantic novels or 600 page Harry Potter novels, maybe this one is for you. I found it took a while to get into but the second half is great. If you have seen the film, you'll know that it is a book based around a successful, rich man that throws amazing parties and has an obsessive love for a married woman which along with their re connection comes a whole lot of drama.   

This week I've chosen a song by indie rock band, Circa Waves. They are quite new on the scene and bearing in mind they only formed in 2013 they're doing pretty well, they're playing at Reading festival, that has to say something. You may have heard Stuck In My Teeth? Here is another one of theirs that I'm loving, its a feel good song that I can imagine will be a gooden at Reading. 


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