Sunday, 22 September 2013

Mission Of A Lifetime

Every Autumn I long for the perfect coat. Like everyone, it’s the one thing I’m on search for from the first day the pre-autumn clothes hit the racks. But is this task impossible? Will I ever find a perfect coat?

Like every woman in the fashion world I am longing for that cute, dusty pink, Simone Rochaesque coat that I can hide under on a rainy day and still feel good despite my frizzy, damp hair that is swept all over my face.

Simone Rocha Autumn/Winter 2013

And I found it! Unfortunately for me at the one high street store in the UK that is everyone’s first stop on their shopping trip... Topshop.
And to my utter disappointment this morning discovered that they’ve sold out! And. By the looks of it, have stopped stocking it! I felt like crying.

I thought my search was over but it goes on...

Monday, 9 September 2013

Lets Pop Down To The Ice Cream Shop

Have you also been someone that walked into Topshop recently and thought you were in Barbie’s wardrobe? I certainly did, and I love it! It’s all so pretty. Pastel coloured jumpers galore, it’s just so irresistible. I feel like a little girl again wondering round touching the clothes with their variety of textures from soft cashmere cardigans to vinyl pencil skirts.

Rag And Bone
Prabul Garung
Zac Posen

But by the looks of it, it isn’t over quite yet. Yay.
With New York Fashion Week filling my instagram over the past few days I noticed, sorbet shades are here to stay. Zac Posen dressed his models in midi, flowing dresses you would imagine a (very fashion conscious) ballet teacher wearing. Prabul Garung created elegant, fifties inspired outfits in shiny, stiffened satin, and Rag And Bone edged ever so slightly away from the expected boyish look with their models sporting a satsuma/red lip and loose spaghetti strap dresses, creating long and lean silhouettes only we could dream of.

Ooh I’m so excited to stock up!