Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Why Don't We

Long time, no see aye? I can explain. In September I moved up to uni to study Fashion management and marketing and along with my miniscule bedroom came a minimal amount places to shoot photos for my blog. As you can probably tell I am not yet someone who is happy to whip out my tripod and camera in the middle of a path to take photos of myself (I just can’t handle the awkward onlookers thinking that I’m going a little too far for what they may think, is purely for a new Facebook profile picture).

On to the post.

So, mother’s day is a while from now, but I’m gonna talk about mothers. In no offence to all those lovely mums out there, we all know that if we were to rummage through our mums wardrobes we will spend a good amount of that time wondering how some of the items even found their way in there. But, we also all know, don’t go judging too early, because like that cute vintage shop on the corner, you may find, after a little rummage, that silk scarf you have wanted for years, or in my case recently, a nice pair of knee high, velour boots to walk you through this Autumn.

I realise that thigh high boots are currently reigning on the shoes to buy wishlists, but thanks to the likes of Valentino and Louis Vuitton, knee highs aren’t too far off the radar either. 

Scarf - H&M

Lipstick - Mac Ruby Woo

Boots - New Look

With Autumn comes hours of Paulo Nutini, Tom Odell and James Bay. Here's another one to add to the mix, Leo Stannard . He hasn't been around for long but for me, his voice is up there with George Ezra's, and I absolutely love that mans voice. 
His music is certainly something you can have a sing along to as well. Woop. 
Leo Stannard – Why Don't We

Wanna know a little more about Leo Stannard? Here's an interview you could have a looksy at 'New Noise - Leo Stannard'



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