Sunday, 20 July 2014

Guest Post: Top 5 Summer Favourites featuring Luna's Lens

Hi, I'm Poppy from Luna's Lense where I write a blog based on beauty products. Here are my top 5 summer favourites. 

This is a popular fragrance, one which I also love. It is described as "a sunny delicious floral - energetic and alluring, with a sparkling, golden touch. The perfect mix of brightness and warmth." Which is exactly what it is, I love putting this on in the morning as it makes me feel refreshed and really gives my day a lift from the very start. I feel I only need a squirt here and there and the smell sticks around for ages. This is probably best for the day time, a bit too girly and not quite mature enough smelling for an evening out. Then there's the packaging, just how cute is this? It so girly. I absolutely love having this on display, it really brightens up my room! I guess it's not so good for travelling as it's quite delicate but I don't normally take my bigger bottles around with me anyway. This is such a versatile summer smell!

I am really picky with shaving as I have particularly dark hair that always seems to be noticeable and grows back super quick, how annoying. I have been on the hunt for some new razors and I picked up these Gillete Venus Oceana (which were down to half price here) and I think I've found the one. They glide so well and leave my legs unbelievably smooth. They also don't leave my legs looking dotty from small hairs, even on day two my legs still look free from stubble. They have little lids (if that's the right word) so you can take them travelling with you, which I think is really handy. I'm so happy I picked these up. Especially as we all know how horrible it is having to shave our legs day in day out, getting a horrible shaving rash, which I will not be getting from these! Definitely something to pick up for the summer.

I picked up this blusher in response to Velvetgh0st's recommendations. I now adore it and it's quickly turned into a part of my daily routine. It's a Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in the shade 95 Rose de Jaspe. I've never had anything like it before but it blends so easily and leaves me looking flushed but not caked in embarrassing I'm- trying- not-to-blush type cheeks. I use a brush I bought from H&M or something and it's not incredible but seeing as the blush still blends flawlessly it must be down to the blush and not the brush. Definitely a great perk-me-up for rosy summer cheeks.

This is my all time favourite foundation as it is, but for summer this is a must have. It blends flawlessly and doesn't budge, it also has a medium to high coverage whilst the consistency it still silky and not like a thick crème. Plus it has a spf of 17 and a huge wide range of colours. So for pale people like I who burn super easy this is a go-to. Of course you have to reapply sun lotion but this is so easily buildable that is no problem!

This is my canon AE-1 and for summer is perfect. It takes 35mm film, which I think is so gorgeous. You can't help but look back trough 35mm film without feeling good and thinking of summer. It's a tad heavy but I don't care as the photo's come out absolutely beautiful every time (and you can buy film in poundland). Camera like this really capture the moment for me so I can't wait to get out and get using it!

Thanks for reading and thank you Ellie for hosting my post,
Pops xx

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