Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Goddess - Music Post

One mention in Company magazine (they are brilliant for music suggestions- I also discovered George Ezra here) and this woman quickly became one of my fave artists of the moment. Categorised under the genres; R&B, alternative and trip-popBanks creates this insanely addictive music that is catchy but unlike many, not in a sickly pop way. Trust me, you’ll soon want to be buying her album - Goddess.  You’ll find yourself singing around in your room to it by the end of the day – I’m doing just that whilst writing this post. Before you get put off by this ‘sing along’ comment I would definitely say that the music Banks creates isn’t One Direction sing-a-long music. Her music has an electronic sound which, as a sound is starting to grow on me a lot more, but personally, her husky vocals is what I like about her music.  

Banks, similar to many music artists has been recognised and snatched up by the fashion industry. As I mentioned, I discovered her in Company magazine and since then she appeared in the May 2014 issue of Vogue and named Artist Of The Week by them in August 2013 (see their review here)and was also interviewed by Elle Magazine. On top of this, her song London was featured in a Victoria’s Secret advert shot in Paris – if her music is good enough for Victoria’s secret is must be great.

I understand I’m no music guru and I don’t exactly provide a complex description of music, but music, like fashion doesn’t always require in depth description, but instead, matter of opinion. So I thought sharing music with you would be a nice change to a style post.
If you fancy a listen, which obviously I would recommend, here’s a link to one of her singles on Spotify: Banks – Goddess
P.S. If she becomes one of your fave music artists – she is doing a small UK tour in November!


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