Saturday, 26 July 2014


Zara. A store that every time I enter, I feel like I should then walk out into a hot, humid street in Cyprus. This, I'm sure, was the place that I first I went into a Zara store. I'm a little worried as to how or why I even remember my first Zara experience - not that I bought anything in there at 11 years old, but in the last couple of years it has been raising higher and higher on my top high street stores list. At 13 it was New Look, 16, Topshop, and now at 18, I think Zara is reigning. 

So as you can imagine, a Zara sale certainly excites me. And when I snatched up these couple of items for £24 in total (rather than a whopping £90) I was beyond happy. So proud of my bargain, I think I have told most the people I work with, regardless if they find interest in it.

This leather skirt was definitely worth picking up. It has leather and sheer pleats on the sides which gives a unique, modern take on the average leather mini (please ignore the fact I wore the pleats at the front in the following shots, I was tired and didn't even realise I had put it on wrong. Oops.) 
I kinda fancy replicating how they've styled this skirt on the website and rocking it with a chunky, orange knit this autumn.  

And these shoes. Would you say they are mules? I thought they were. Well, six months ago I was dissing them, absolutely rejecting this trend. And look who has now gone and got a pair. Which she loves! Even if I am the only one in my household that does. 

Skirt - Zara (SALE)
Shoes - Zara (SALE)

You may think that you aren't sure who Dan Croll is but I bet you've heard this song - From Nowhere. If you have and love it, or if you haven't and are intrigued to listen to him, here is another song from his album Sweet Disarray In / Out. It's a good one! 


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