Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Ultimate Streetstyle Inspo.

We all need to find inspiration from somewhere and if you can't be at fashion week to discover some, it's time to turn to Pinterest and bloggers. 
I'm not sure about you but I find myself having a scroll down Pinterest a good couple of times a day, hoping to find something that inspires me or purely just to admire the clothes on the back of fashion muses - Anna Dello Russo is the perfect one for fun style. 

Knowing that I am forever looking for more sources to gain inspiration from, I have put together five of my go to sites/people I google when in doubt. 

Miroslava Duma. 
We all know now that the Russian's are rising in the world of fashion, and Miroslava Duma is certainly one of them. An ex editor at Russia's Harper's Bazaar, Duma now runs the website Buro 24/7. Despite her website being so successful, it's her style that I have fallen in love with, she makes things look incredibly chic and high fashion but never seems to look so extremely over dressed that for someone like us it just would be impractical to even dream of styling something up similarly - unlike Russian designer, Ulyana Sergeenko, who looks amazing 24/7 but also wears couture day in day out, which is something most girls can only dream of.  

Yvan Rodic. A streetstyle photographer before it became a hyped about thing. This is the man of FaceHunter. He trails the streets of fashion week and from it provides us (through his blog) the most chic, creative, collaborations of style and fashion. You are bound to find many looks to suit your taste regardless of how minimal or uber creative you like to be. It's a blog for all. 

Ring My Bell - Ashley Madekwe
Do you recognise her? If you have indulged in the E4 drama 'Revenge' then you will know her. Born in London, Ashley Madekwe is an actress living in LA (it was this move that inspired her to start up the blog, initially in order to keep in contact with her parents(thanks Company Magazine for that info.)). 
Her blog is a personal favourite of mine, she has a style that I would say could be described as fairly normcore, making it accessable but still loveable thanks to her perfect styling. 

She, similar to Yvan Rodic is a photographer who's job requires having a good wonder around the streets of fashion weeks spotting out the uber stylish to then share with us through her blog. She is very efficient at keeping up to date too. If you need daily inspiration she is pretty good at providing it. 
The looks she shoots vary from the model off duty to the fashionista on a mission. 

P.S. I couldn't resist not including a style shot of Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller. I love the blog too much. 

When will I find a Pinterest board this amazing for it's style inspiration.
This tumblr is full of streetstyle shots that in the real world (not fashion week) are actually practical! As well as this it also contains many shots of celebrities; Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Vanessa Hudgens and Cara Delevingne to say a few, rocking some great outfits. 

Hope you enjoy these style inspo. looks as much as I do. 


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