Saturday, 10 August 2013

Diamonds Aren't Always A Girls Best Friend

These are few of my favourite lipsticks...

Chanel (Limited Edition) Rouge Allure Velvet L'infidele

Chanel Rouge Coco Magnolia (117)

MAC Vegas Volt 

Maybelline Fushia Flash (902)

Sephora Rouge - The Red 
Forget “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, diamonds are far too pricey. Lipstick, on the other hand isn’t. 
I’ve noticed many women have their own ways with lipstick. Some like it statement. Some like it subtle. And some, well it’s just not their cuppa tea. But you can tell a lot about a girl by her lipstick, well to some extent anyway.
Marilyn Monroe, for example, you could say that her iconic red lip, a colour related to love, promoted her as a major sex symbol. As well as this, another iconic symbol related to girls are Barbie dolls, it seems Barbie’s were always given pink lipstick. I’m guessing generally to reinforce the girly stereotype Barbie represented, but the lipstick still made a difference.


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