Sunday, 9 February 2014

Makeup Must Haves

Your makeup, similarly to your wardrobe needs a reliable load of basics. I, just like any 18 year old girl that has an unhealthy obsession with shopping, does enjoy a mini treat in the beauty department in Selfridges. Then it comes to being realistic, as much as I’d love to fully stock up my makeup bag with Bobbi Brown, Chanel and MAC, that is just not gonna happen. A good boots buy is the way forward when in urgent need of basics.
With my high street and high end buys (not that many to be fair, I give in to clothes too easily to be fully stocked on expensive makeup) I have a fairly good collection of some reliable basics;

Soap And Glory – Hocus Focus
I’ve had this for two years but it’s been one of those products that I’ve been very on and off with. Personally, I think that’s because it’s best for winter as it’s a more hydrating alternative to powder highlighter, yet it is still quite subtle so is nice to sweep on your cheekbones for a lazy day when you aren’t up for full makeup. However I would say, when layered over foundation it doesn’t always blend brilliantly if you’re being lazy, but the product itself does last forever!

Bourjois Paris – Bronzing Primer
I bought this product out of curiosity last summer after it was hyped about so much everywhere and compared with Chanel’s Soleil Tan de Chanel, and I haven’t stopped using it since! It’s very subtle when worn underneath foundation but, for me, I prefer it that way, I like to try and avoid looking like I’ve spent half an hour doing my makeup in the morning.

Laura Mercier – Silk Crème Foundation
Despite the fact I am currently in constant fear that this foundation no longer matches my skin tone because I purchased it in the summer, I do still like it. I haven’t tried an extreme amount of foundations but personally, I find this foundation quite thick, which in comparison to a liquid foundation of course it’s gonna be. As the name gives away, the foundation has a crème texture which helps to give you a really good coverage, always a bonus! But with skin like mine, if I want good coverage to last for longer than 2-3 hours I need to get priming beforehand (I’m too lazy for this at the moment so I can’t confirm if it would be massively beneficial). I am a fan of this foundation and it was the best one I found when I was having trouble with acne on my chin as it is good coverage, but I think I want to experiment with other foundation when it comes to restocking.

MAC – Eyeshadow In Matte Charcoal Brown
After testing a number of eyebrow pencils and a HD Brows eyebrow shadow that was a little too dark to be using, I decided to just keep it simple and go for this MAC matte eyeshadow. I’m admittedly a tad lazy with my makeup routine some mornings so using eyeshadow instead of a pencil to fill in and shape my brows is far easier and less time consuming, so perfect for me, I would defiantly recommend using a shadow like this for your brows if you’re not an early bird.

Naked 2 Palette
This product, honest to god, I could not live without. It’s honestly the best money I’ve ever spent on makeup. I think it’s going to get to the point, if it hasn’t already, that majority of girls between the age of 16-25 own one of their palettes. They’re perfect for everyday makeup with the complete collection of nude shadows, and easily work with a variety of other colours. Personally, I think it should be a compulsory Christmas present every year.

Revlon – Photoready 3D Volume Mascara
I’m a killer for a mascara that doesn’t clump, spider lashes, no thanks. This Revlon mascara is one of the best ones I have found for separating and lengthening my lashes, making them look longer and preventing them from clumping together to the point that I need wipe half the mascara onto the tube before I apply it. And to top it off, it lasts most of the day too.

Collection 2000 – Lasting Perfection Concealer
Anyone and everyone that watches beauty bloggers on youtube will have heard this concealer being recommended. For £4, the coverage is amazing and it has quite a matte texture so lasts really well (as long as you don’t keep touching the blemish you may be concealing, I’m forever getting moaned at for doing this).  However, the one thing that annoys me about this product, there is the possibility that it will leak in your handbag, it is the most annoying thing.

MAC – Ruby Woo
If you want a red lipstick, and don’t fancy spending the same amount, or more, that you would pay for a gig, buy this one! It’s a classic red that would suit a variety of skin tones and unlike a lot of red lipsticks, it lasts forever because of it’s matte texture. Although I do warn you, the matte texture isn’t the best thing at the end of the day when your lips aren’t looking quite so smooth as they were when you applied it that morning. Regardless, it is still a great basic to own.


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