Monday, 17 February 2014

Monochrome Monday

First day of half term, and I was dying for a lie in, so the outfit decisions this morning where quick and easy thanks to my much needed sleep.

I caught this coat in the Topshop sale a couple weeks ago, and despite me calling it my lab coat, as quite frankly on a short person like me, it’s a little longer than intended, I love it. I’m one of those that is all up for the colourful piece then and again, but when it really comes to it, I’m the one that stands in the shop and says ‘It would look better in black’. As the iconic king of fashion quotes, Mr Karl Lagerfeld said “One is never over dressed or under dressed with a little black dress”, so why not take that to the full and buy half your wardrobe in black? It goes with everything, but no better colour to put it with than white! Hence why this is starting to become my go to outfit. Plus, it means I can be lazy with makeup by using lipstick to add a pop of colour. 

Bag (Zara)
Coat (Topshop)
Necklace (Topshop) Lipstick (Rimmel Kate Moss)
Loafers (Urban Outfitters)

In relation to the white coat, here's a song you may enjoy giving a listen,'White Coats' by Foxes ... 


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