Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Finally, Summer.

My first blog post aaah. I have been toying on the idea of starting a blog for ages now but I was scared off, maybe a little too easily, I mean your first blog post has to be one of the best ones, right? So for me (an unbelievably indecisive person) it was an insane challenge to actually make a decision what to write about. So. I’m going to keep it simple, and very general.

The sun finally deciding to make its presence is worth talking about.  
Summer.  A time of year us Brits get thoroughly excited for, despite knowing that we will be disappointed for majority of the season. We dream that we’ll be spending the summer on the beach eating ice cream, everyone loves a good Mr. Whippy ice cream with a flake! But realistically this rarely happens.
Well, finally, we‘ve got lucky. Two whole weeks of amazing weather, reassuring you that actually that beach holiday to Benidorm where you will literally sit down doing nothing for a whole week really isn’t all that necessary. Yay! Time to start saving for an autumn weekend away to Paris instead! It actually worries me how excited I am to hopefully go to Paris in October for my birthday despite the fact I haven’t even got close to booking it yet.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I promise more exciting blog posts in the near future.


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