Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sun And Strawberries

Tee - Primark. Shorts - New Look
 Shoes - Topshop. Necklace - Topshop. 

So, today I went strawberry and raspberry picking. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. It is a crazily cheap thing to do with friends, plus it means I can nibble on a few on the way round to keep me going in this weather. Well, maybe it was more than a few.

Anyway I saw it as an opportunity to post an outfit of the day. Although when you are planning on going strawberry picking you have to be careful what you wear. White clothes, big no no. I’m simply too messy for that. I am one of these people that really hate dressing for practicality, I love getting ready too much to fuss about that and it makes deciding what to wear so damn hard. It takes me long enough as it is. So, I kept it simple, I stuck to the classic denim (USA flag print) cut offs and a tee, but by the time I got dressed I just felt bare so I had to add a least. Honestly, I wish I could’ve worn ankle boots with this outfit. But tan lines around my ankles, no thank you.

A rare thing for me, I had a fair bit of spare time this morning so I thought I’d go all out and rock a halo braid! They look awesome! Plus, people are always so complimentary when you rock a hairstyle that looks impossible to do. Buuut, maybe I had a little too much spare time. So much that I ended up deciding against it and having a wavy hair day instead. Yes, I know, it’s disappointing ):

For an hour or so picking strawberries I decided to stick to easy, no hassle makeup. You can't beat a nude lip. Its unbelievably easy to maintain! 
So that was my outfit of the day! I hope you like it.

Ooh, I’ve slipped in a photo of one of the tasty treats my best friend and I made with our plenty strawberries and raspberries.


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