Monday, 22 July 2013

That Belt.

Carrie Bradshaw’s belt that is ... in the first Sex And The City movie ... the one that popped up almost as much as Carrie herself. If you know the belt I’m talking about you will agree with me, it is to die for.
I love this ensemble in the opening to the film. The colours and floral patterns work amazingly together. 
In. Love. This outfit has to be my absolute favourite outfit in the movie. Everytime I watch the film I fall in love with it a bit more. It's just so nice!
I honestly think every girl should own a statement belt! Or for that fact a statement everything!

Patricia Field (The head stylist for Sex And The City) made an amazing job of this one. With the studded belt she found in a vintage shop she showed us that with one item you can mix it up and make numerous amazing outfits (Carrie pulled off, I think it was six outfits with this vintage find) This belt appeared so much in the film that Sarah Jessica Parker felt the need to name it.  

It got me thinking, is it worth spending money and a ridiculous amount of time to find a few perfect, statement accessories to chuck over basics or shall we go all out and get a wardrobe of a few basics and endless statement dresses, tees etc?

I mean, when we crave that monthly shopping trip we don’t leave the house thinking, oh my gosh I need to find the most perfect belt! It’s more like ooh I can’t wait to try on half of Topshop and find something I will absolutely fall in love with. But maybe looking for the perfect accessories would be worthwhile, they’ll more than likely always fit you, even when it comes to January and you’ve gained a little tum from all that chocolate over Christmas, they are so versatile (as Patricia Field proved) plus, on the high street, accessories are nowhere near as pricey as even a comfy slouch jumper, which in my opinion are stupidly overpriced for a basic that you wander round the house in. 


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