Wednesday, 28 August 2013

That Geometric Dress

Dress (River Island) Boots (Topshop)

This dress is one of those that you can just never make your mind up about. When I saw it in the River Island sale I fell in love with the silky smooth material and geometric print. Well in actual fact I had already fallen in love with the print when my friend bought a jacket in the same print. Despite this, it took me three shopping trips trying it on to decide to buy it.The reason for this is because the sizing of this dress is crazy, I ended up having to buy it two sizes larger than I normally would. Who knows what was going on there! But because of this it meant the fit of the dress was slightly unusual but I realised this is the perfect dress for those 'food baby' days (which by the way, bizarrely, has been added to the English dictionary). The longer I wear the dress the more I seem to love it. 


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